10 Ways to Approach Sustainable Travel Moving Forward

10 Ways to Approach Sustainable Travel Moving Forward

Words by Mina Phillips

The year 2020 has been an eye-opener in many ways. Border closures and local lock-downs have forced many of us to look at how we have been approaching travel and how it impacts local communities, the environment and the health of our home: earth. If you would like to approach tourism differently moving forward, whether locally or internationally, here are some ways that you can experience new places in a conscious way.

Support local

In almost any city that you visit, you will have the option of supporting locally-made products or products that have been shipped internationally through a hard-to-follow supply chain. When you buy locally-made products from a small, local business – you are supporting the local economy and community. It’s important to know where the products you purchase are coming from – are they made by a local family who is being paid a fair wage whilst working under safe and healthy conditions? If you can’t be sure of this, don’t buy it.

Make sustainable transport choices

When its ethically managed, tourism plays an important role in providing local communities with economic opportunities. However, there is always an environmental impact that comes with traveling by plane, train or car. Wherever possible, travel slow. Immerse yourself in local communities and cultures, walk by foot instead of hiring a car or look into hiring a pushbike. Your health will thank you for it and you’ll see more sights along the way.

Support eco-tourism businesses

When booking accommodation, tour guides and activities; try to always prioritize supporting businesses and organizations that are motivated by sustainable development. Organizations such as Justice Tourism Foundation can support you in achieving a wonderful and unique holiday that you can feel good about – one that leaves a positive impact on the environment and the communities you meet on your travels. Whether you are travelling to Uganda or somewhere else in the world, look for businesses and initiatives that function ethically.

Get involved in sustainable development initiatives

Often, the most memorable part of travelling comes down to the people that you meet. There are so many ways that you can support Justice Tourism Foundation’s environmental conservation work, rural micro-finance projects, women empowerment projects, community training programs and more. If you would like to volunteer, please get in touch.

Plan a trip

If you have been dreaming about visiting Uganda and are itching to begin planning your trip, let us know. Our team can support you in planning and enjoying amazing experiences – from gorilla trekking to exploring Uganda’s cultural heritage. By booking your trip with us, you’ll help us to build a more sustainable and socially-vibrant Uganda.

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