Social Impact Travel

At Justice Tourism Foundation we craft alternative, sustainable and socially responsible tour trips which are designed to connect travelers with local people and places for an authentic educational experience. We want to make your holiday travel experience to be complete with the involvement of learning from the local community.

Our tour trips will give you the chance to experience the blended outstanding African wildlife viewing up close, like the endangered mountain gorilla and lead you off-the-beaten-path with the chances to see Justice Tourism Foundation’s work firsthand and engaging closely with community leaders, local staff and learn about critical conservation issues from the local people. Not only will you experience a unique slice of our work, you will have the opportunity to get your hands dirty and take part in our projects while learning about how Justice Tourism Foundation works with the real champions for a sustainable future – the people living in our most critical ecosystems.

By choosing to be a conscious travelers, you can be confident that if you book your holiday trip with us, not only will you have an unforgettable experience, but you will also help fund some truly amazing projects


Experience the blended outstanding African wildlife viewing up close, the mountain gorilla with the chances to see sustainable community projects.


Experience the vibrant and diverse cultural, natural and historical heritage of the indigenous Ugandan people with a guided tour.


Witness the beauty of Uganda’s wildlife, gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and experience a truly overwhelming encounter.


Experience East Africa’s top primate destination (Ngamba Chimpanzee sanctuary) on a tour designed to get you up close with Uganda’s primate families.