“We Do Tourism Based on Justice, Equity and Development”

Developing Full Human Potentials and Enabling Dignified Livelihoods Through Sustainable Tourism

Justice Tourism Foundation works with communities, companies, governments and organizations to create a better path forward linking tourism to conservation, cultural heritage, and sustainable rural development to enhance livelihoods and enrich Uganda’s tourism product. We’re working towards a more sustainable future – one characterized by economic justice, socio-cultural, and environmental sustainability with the aim of maintaining and preserving the ecological integrity of the environment and contributing to local community development, protected parks, cultural preservation and the engagement of millions of conscious travelers who want to make the world a better place through their choices of where and how they travel.

Community Empowerment

Justice Tourism Foundation is, building new sustainable opportunities for communities, and saving wildlife and natural ecosystems simultaneously. We work directly with communities to understand their unique challenges and provide tailored, holistic solutions to improve their lives while also benefiting conservation.

Impactful JTF Safaris

At Justice Tourism Foundation we craft alternative, sustainable and socially responsible tour trips which are designed to connect travelers with local people and places for an authentic educational experience. The goal of these tours is two-fold: providing immersive experiences for travelers and a sustainable income for local people via tourism.

Volunteer Placement Program

Our volunteer’s placement program that offers many possibilities of volunteer service for men and women who wish to devote a few weeks or up to two years of their lives to international volunteer work. We provide an integrated development experience consisting of practical leadership opportunities, International Internships and participation in a global learning environment.