Enabling wildlife conservation-friendly community empowerment.

We understand specific community needs and work closely with members to make sure they get direct benefits from conserving wildlife and protecting natural habitat. While our education outreach programs help locals to reduce human-wildlife conflict, we also implement projects that create a positive impact for the entire community . JTF has helped communities around Kahangi village (Sebitore buffer zone) in the northern sector of Kibale National park near Fort Portal town in western Uganda to address the issue of Human-Wildlife Conflicts by facilitating the local community members to make traditional beehives which they have hanged in the trees on the boundaries of their gardens to prevent the wildlife to cross over to their gardens. The Beehives served both as preventative measure and an economic enterprise for the community because they would sell out the bee products such as honey, bee wax and bee venom to supplement towards their livelihoods. We also help farming communities explore sustainable agriculture, growing their income and reducing pressure on living and natural resources.