“Transforming Ugandan Women’s Livelihoods Through a holistic life skills training, economic empowerment and Entrepreneurship”

“Investing in women is said to be a key to development. Educate her, buy her a cow or goat, or help her start a business and great things will follow: sustained increases in income, greater empowerment and social inclusion, health and education for the children, mental health and happiness”.

Women in Africa, Uganda inclusive, are an economically disadvantaged group and rural women in particular are more economically disadvantaged.  The lack of economic power of the rural communities, especially among women, is a major obstacle to long term development.

The Women’s Empowerment Project creates economic opportunities for young women age 18-35 to become economically self-sufficient and build confidence. Women in this program are provided the space and support to develop their business ideas, learn new vocational skills, and join a community of supportive women.